Organic Lawn Treatment

Organic Lawn CareIn our day and age, more and more people are concerned with the use and abuse of chemicals and synthetic products that seem to have taken over all aspects of our lives. Such concerns are also focused on lawn care, landscaping, and gardening, especially if you grow edibles or non-native species of plants, grasses, and flowers which are less resilient to chemicals.

Organic fertilization, weed control, and lawn management, in general, has as main goal the protection and support of the micro-ecosystems thriving on your property. Such ecosystems are comprised of everything living on your lawn and garden, from grasses to beneficial insects and companion plants.

It is true that many chemical treatments help you achieve some results faster, but the overuse of herbicides and fertilizers eventually damage the quality of your soil, affecting the roots of your plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits and ultimately making them vulnerable or unfit for human consumption (in the case of edibles). Protecting your micro-ecosystem means protecting the environment itself, reducing your impact and keeping everyone safe (including children and pets roaming around the property and playing in the grass).

What Is Our Organic Approach in Lawn Management?

If you’re worried about the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, Lawn Concepts also provides organic lawn care services that suit your needs and wishes and are completely safe for the environment and your family’s health:

  • For our customers wanting to avoid synthetic chemicals, we offer a 7 step Organic Lawn Program.
  • We can also customize a semi-organic program limiting the use of traditional chemical products while achieving quicker results.
  • Lawn Concepts uses Bee Safe – a natural organic product.
  • Using organic lawn treatments means that your grasses and plants will be less susceptible to damage from pests or environmental stress.
  • Weeds and disease can also be managed

What Other Benefits Do You Have When You Work with Us?

Besides being environmentally-aware and offering our clients organic solutions to lawn management and care, we also know that you want the best services performed with the utmost efficiency. This is what you should know:

  • Our specialists are experienced in lawn care, management and horticulture, being constantly educated in these fields and learning of new methods, technologies, principles and research results so they can offer you the best science-based services.
  • We take our jobs seriously and we make all efforts to provide you with the best solution in organic and organic-based lawn care treatments, taking into account the soil type, climacteric conditions, native and non-native plants you grow, water resources and drainage, cultivation of edibles, the presence of companion plants and insects on your property and so on.
  • We treat your property as if it was our own and we always backup our interventions with satisfaction guarantees, so you face no risks in working with us.

Lawn Concepts can provide a strictly organic lawn program or an organic-based program reducing the need for synthetic products by 90%. Contact us today and find out how we can best meet your lawn care needs!