Customer Reviews

I have been using the service for almost 2 years. When we moved in our yard had been neglected for a number of years. Within 6 months of starting the treatments the yard came back and is weed free. My only problem now is keeping it cut!! 🙂 Thanks!!

Brett Eater

Our St. Augustine lawn was yellowing and starting to die this summer. I had a lot of bad advice from Lowes, Home Depot and several feed stores. I spent over $100 in chemicals trying to stop what what was happening. I couldn't figure it out.

Angelo was fertilizing my neighbor's yard one day and I stopped him to see if he could help me with my dying lawn. He immediately knew what was going on. I had cinch bugs in the front and some type of fungus in the back. He sprayed my yard after he was done with my neighbors. The first service stopped all of my problems for $25. I was shocked. He treated my entire lawn for the price of a bag of fertilizer at Lowes. I am now on my 4th service and my lawn is beautiful. I was so close to loosing the entire lawn.

Thanks Angelo. I highly recommend these guys.

Jay Smith

We bought a nice new house a few yrs ago, but the lawn was ugly and infested with dandelions, nutsedge and henbit. I called Blake and his crew have zapped the weeds, kept up a fertilization program and applied pre-emergent in a timely manner. I pay a yearly fee and then forget about it, because I know the Lawn Concepts team will do their job. My front and back yard is now green and healthy. The lawn techs always leave a report on how my lawn is doing with recommendations on further treatment. I highly recommend them!

Mark Winter

My family has used Lawn Concepts for the past year. The customer service makes Lawn Concepts the best choice. Angelo Barnett is our technician. He is very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Lawn Concepts cares.

Amy Bushaw

We switched to Lawn Concepts two months ago, and they have helped us improve our lawn drastically. They are meticulous in their mowing and clean up afterwards. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality lawn care company.

Paul Stutes

I have used them for a few years now and would highly recomend them. They are much less expensive than their competition and they do a better job with better results. My lawn looks great.

Donald Towner

I was referred to Lawn Concepts by a friend and I am glad that he told me about them. Ever since they started treating my lawn it looks a million times better than it had in the past. I would go out and spend a few hundred dollars a year on fertilizer and supplies and get no results. Lawn Concepts charges about what I would spend a year on fertilizer and supplies and I do not have to do the work!! Angelo (one of the techs) always answers any questions I have and does a great job.

Jay Glaser

We have used Lawn Concepts for nearly five years and our yard continues to be weed free and we started using their bush and tree service and our plants around the house seem to be healthier. They treat my small rose garden, and the roses are healthier with less black spot and other normal rose issues. We are pleased to use them, and several of our neighbors also use Lawn Concepts.

Dennis Doke

We've only been using Lawn Concepts for the past few months, had our third treatment and our lawn stands out on the street as the greenest! I love the fact that there are no weeds and the grass is soft to walk on. I have recommended them to neighbors and will continue to. I give them a 10!

Carol Johnson

We have been using Lawn Concepts for about 5 years now. Our grass is always in great condition and they are very easy to communicate with and work with. Many of our neighbors have switched to Lawn Concepts over the years as they always want grass that "looks like ours". They are honest and dependable.

Kristin Violi

I have been a customer for several years now. I feel like my lawn is healthy and weed free all year round. Anytime that I have seen weeds in between treatments, all I have to do is make a phone call and they will come out and treat within the week. I am pleased with Lawn Concepts and will continue to use their services.

Andrea De La Flor

I tried treating my lawn myself for about a year and I think I made it worse. A friend recomended Lawn Concepts to me and we gave them a try. Within a year, our lawn was back in shape and we have been using them ever since. The discount for paying for a year in advance is great - if you were to treat your lawn yourself as often as they come out, you'd probably wind up spending more! They are reliable and quick. We like to leave our back gate locked so they give us a call the day before to let us know they are coming so we can unlock the gate ahead of time. It seems like any time I see a few weeds start to pop up, they show up the next day to take care of it without even being notified!

Jonathan Ehmer

I have been using Lawn Concepts for over 5 years for my home and office and my yards are AWESOME... Anytime weeds pop up after a treatment they are on it. I have recommended them to several neighbors and friends and will continue to do so. I appreciate the hard work and dedication these guys have to their profession.

Michael Shelton

We recently moved to the area and purchased a home in Fort Worth. I spent a small fortune on weed killer from the local store and the lawn was still full of weeds. Two visits from Lawn Concepts and our lawn is looking great! We would highly recommend Lawn Concepts. They made us proud of the way our lawn looks!

Ruth Jones

Man, what a difference!!! I have used several lawn care services in the past, but this is the FIRST time I can say that I am proud of the way my lawn looks. At first I was a bit skeptical, since I had used other lawn care services before, but decided to give these guys a shot. I am so glad I did. My lawn looks amazing!!!! Looks so good, I am signing up for additional services (by-annual aeration) so that it remains thick and healthy. Lawn Concepts gets a 5-star rating, in my book.

Jeff Hampton