Hassle Free Lawn Care Keller TX

Lawn Care Keller TXEnjoying a lush lawn and landscape is a dream came true for those owning a nice house and a fine property to call “home”. What can be more pleasing than retreating under a dome of natural scent, color and harmony in your back yard? What better way to relax than having a late summer night dinner with family and friends? This miraculous feeling of breathing fresh air and enjoying the sparkling green colors of your lawn can only be suffocated by one enemy and one enemy only: weeds.

Given the climate conditions of your area, weeds can pop their ugly heads almost all year long, invading and attacking your turf, flowers and ornamentals. And while you can mow your lawn as a hobby once in a while, there is no fun in pulling weeds or pouring dangerous chemicals on your soil and plants.

But you don’t have to worry about anything anymore! Our lawn care Keller TX specialists are able to offer you a complete year-round fertilization and weed control program to deter these invaders and keep them at bay no matter the season. Moreover, by using a professional approach to fertilization and weed control, our experts will ensure the health and thriving of your landscape without endangering anything and anybody!

 Best Lawn Care Keller TX Services on the Market

Fertilization and weed control go hand in hand – the first enhances the soil’s and roots’ natural strength, making them more capable to resist weeds, while the latter keeps weeds at bay stopping them from proliferating on your property. A blend of professional treatments is necessary to comply with the principles of environmental protection. Such tailored fertilization and weed control programs have the benefit of being safe for the environment, plants, insects, birds, children and pets while selectively killing weeds only. This is what we are able to offer you:

  • Our trademark 7-Step fertilization and weed control program – we will treat your lawn every 5-7 weeks to make sure your property is clean of invaders and resilient in the face of any attack or extreme weather event. You won’t have to call us each time reminding us to come over for pre- or post-emergent weed treatments and fertilization operations, as we will automatically come by according to the schedule.
  • Professional alternatives to both fertilization and weed control to lower the impact of chemicals upon the soil, its deep water resources, plants, insects and birds. The professional alternatives also ensure your family’s safety as children and pets can play on your property with no risks.
  • Regular assessments and evaluations of your property and tailored interventions in case some things change.

 What Else Should You Know About Us?

  • Our lawn care Keller TX services are appreciated by hundreds of satisfied customers, as our 13 years of experience in the green industry offers reliable and visible results.
  • We offer personalized services – committed to individual customer satisfaction, you won’t have to deal with unfamiliar technicians or recurrent sales calls
  • You will benefit from top-notch products, services and hi-tech equipment, exceeding industry standards
  • We are proud of our no hassle approach – no contract, free estimates, convenient online services, online payments or set up auto-pay etc.

Our iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee states that if you happen to be less than thrilled with our services we will make things right or refund the price of your last application. So don’t waste any more time, call us now and ask for a free estimate!