Perimeter Pest Control

Pest ControlCrawling insects love to move inside your home for warmth and protection. How many times did you hear people speaking about finding ants, wasps, spiders or rodents infesting their houses? In addition to our pest and weed control programs – meant to keep your lawn and landscape free and safe from such predators, our company also offers its clients perimeter pest control that protects their homes from unwanted infestations.

How Can We Keep Your Home Free from Pests?

We prevent creeping crawling pests from invading your home with our four quarterly treatments. Treatments are applied outside your home creating an invisible barrier keeping insects out of your house. This is how you can protect your family year round without the use of indoor chemicals.

  • Just four quarterly treatments will maintain an undetectable fence around your home providing year-round protection.
  • Our Fort Worth pest control experts will treat the foundation of your home and around doors, windows, porches and six feet from the structure.
  • We will also inspect for and treat wasps and their nests.
  • Perimeter pest control won’t impact your busy schedule. It’s applied outdoors, so you don’t have to be home at the time of an application, and no dangerous pesticides will be used inside or near your family and pets.
  • Our program is tailored to fend off most common pests in your area such as fire ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs and their other creeping, crawling and flying foes.

Fire Ant Control

Isn’t it time you enjoyed living without fire ants invading your space? The problem will not go away without the proper Texas pest control treatment – and we all know most over-the-counter products fail. Fire ants are probably the most invasive and hard to deal with pests here, this is why we use professional treatments for controlling them. Just one professionally-applied treatment will protect your yard for up to an entire year, deterring fire ants and preventing them from ever breaking into your house.

Our integrated pest control services will keep both your outdoor and indoor environment safe and sound, healthy and safe from disease-carrying and structure-damaging pests. Give us a call now and enjoy a home free of insects and troubles. Results are guaranteed!