Best Fertilization & Weed Control Haslet TX Services

Fertilization & Weed Control Haslet TXChoosing a professional fertilization & weed control Haslet contractor may not be an easy feat. There are many promises made and few kept and there are many hidden dangers you unknowingly expose your lawn and landscape to. If you care about your lawn and landscape and wish to enjoy a vibrant, healthy micro-ecosystem on your property, you need to be very careful when you choose your company. Today, our fertilization & weed control Haslet TX specialists are here to offer you some information about how they work.

Anybody Can Spray Your Lawn with Chemicals…

But do you really want to endanger the health and integrity of your lawn, landscape, ecosystem, kids, pets, and the environment by ignoring some essential prerequisites a serious contractor should show proof of? Let’s get into details:

  • We use bio-based products for fertilization & weed control, and we employ professional lawn care strategies to preserve and enhance the health of your soil, vegetation, and the environment altogether. The use of chemical weed control treatments is frowned upon, especially in summer, and this is why we don’t only keep your lawn green and weed-free but also enhance the health of the soil providing the foundation for a lush, vibrant lawn.

Do People Need to Guess what to Apply to Your Lawn or When to Apply it?

As licensed and trained contractors, we must ensure that all our lawn care and weed control interventions are customized and personalized to meet the needs and restrictions of your soil and vegetation. We don’t use the “one size fits all” principle and we definitely won’t pour chemicals all over your garden without performing some tasks:

  • Complete and thorough property assessments including the soil’s pH, the vegetation, the micro-ecosystem thriving on your property, the weather challenges of your area, and the environmental factors that play a role in the thriving of your landscape.

Weeds Need Year-Round Control

If you think you got away with some pre-emergent weed control program and some spraying in summer, you are wrong, and you shouldn’t trust a contractor telling you this is all you need. As part of our 7 Step Program, we’ll treat your lawn every 5-7 weeks throughout the year, also engaging in follow-up visits to see how things go and make the necessary adjustments.

The implementation of our innovative fertilization program also comes together with a disease and fungus control, insect and grub control, core aeration and the use of high-quality weed control products. Call our fertilization & weed control Haslet TX experts for a free estimate and enjoy a thriving landscape all year long with no risks!